meet the crafters

anchor archive/inkstorm screenprint collective

Sarah Evans
zines, handprinted posters and lots of other silkscreened goods.

Michelle K

Turnstile pottery Cooperative

Vanessa Malecki-Sanchez
seed is a playful yet elegant collection of accessories including jewelry and quilts. With every piece created a conscious effort is made to use natural, sustainable, or second hand materials

Tall & Short
Brendan Dunlop & Garity Chapman
Sewn stuff. Some to adorn, some to hold, some to wear.

Shakeel & Carey
Local design duo presents a t-shirt diary: limited edition silk screen prints on American Apparel clothing and one-of-a-kind bags made from recycled materials. New designs weekly. Check out the latest at www.woodenbullets.com

Osha Mae Soaps
Natural plant-derived soaps and skincare

Jennifer Bennett Jewelry Design
unique pieces of jewelry using high quality precious metals, stones and beads, incorporating both goldsmith and beadwork techniques.

bespoke uprising

Roisin Fagan
hand dyed, screenprinted and stitched children's clothing as well as wallets, bags and other textile goods

Orphanage Clothing
Kim Munsen

recut vintage tshirts and other garments made from recycled clothing

Binarysoul Designs
Handcrafted chain in a variety of
metals, including niobum, bronze,silver, steel, in a variety of things including hacky sacks, wallet chains, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Philip Doucette Studio
Glass jewelry and decorative objects, including handmade glass beads, fused glass pendants as well as fused glass plates and bowls.

Marianne Collins
Small-scale portraits fashioned from oil paintings embroidery and textiles alongside mini works of art in the form of earrings, brooches and bracelets created from old jewelry, teacups, photos, toys and more.

a-ok clothing & zine
Flavia Lytle
Handmade & illustrated garments,
personalized for men women and kids. Included a-ok indy'zine.

Lee Meszaros Made This
A series of 32 highly addictive merit badges for adult life promoting different accomplishments [and a few failures too].

Kyla Francis Pottery
pottery made by hand as well as printing on recycled and commercial wares

Lark Home Furnishings
Gary Markle
Comfortable, easy-care products for the home and the people in the home.

Little Foible
Colleen MacIsaac
Minicomics, cards and books all the way from Fredericton.

Random Paper & Fabric
Angela Black
Watercolour and ink pop-ups with unique messages in them, as well as other papergoods like letterhead and envelopes alongside silkscreened clothing.

Amanda Fullarton

Wire, crystal, and feather headpieces suitable for showy events such as weddings or the Oscars, as well as earrings made with the same materials.

Never Be Mean
Amanda Fauteux
Little creatures and puppets out of fabric, alongside dresses and under-things.

Also featuring:

The Handicraft Hash House
Ted White
come to the show and leave with a bellyfull of finely crafted food. Featuring soups, pizzas, juices and desserts - all made completely from scratch.

Michelle St-Onge
Colourful silkscreens on reclaimed wood featuring classic Maritime scenes such as fishing, landscapes, and houses.

Joel Hooper Photography

Amy Belanger
Ceramic selvedge necklaces alongside screenprinted softies.

The Petting Zoo
Angela Penton
100% wool needlefelted sculpture and 2D art.

Monkey Pie Productions
Kate Bredeson and Leesa Hamilton
a variety of wearable and functional art, including: accessories (such as hats, armwarmers, baby legwarmers) made from recycled materials and vintage buttons, silkscreened textiles, beaded jewelry, and bags.