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Call for volunteers!

Hey there crafty persons and general crafty supporters,

We are looking for volunteers to help us out during our upcoming show SPRING UP! May 5th and 6th.
If you or someone you know is interested in donated a few hours of their time to help us out please send an email to halifaxcrafters@gmail.com, subject line "Volunteer."

Aside from the pleasure of hanging out with some truly awesome craft, we will shower you with love and some handcrafted goodies.


It is only a month away from our next show SPRING UP! on May 5th and 6th at the Olympic Centre in Halifax.  Here is our lovely new poster by Stephen Bishop of Hello Daylight to get you excited with anticipation.  Soon these hand printed posters will be popping up all over town!


Thanks to everyone for your applications, it was an exciting process for us with plenty of applicants.

Applications are now closed and notifications have been sent out, but if you have any questions please contact us at halifaxcrafters@gmail.com.

We'll see you on May 5th!  Happy Crafting!


Time to apply!

It's that lovely time of year again.  We're all just getting over that hazy winter show daze and it's time to apply for the spring show already!

The Spring show will be held Saturday May 5th and Sunday May 6th, 2012,
from 11am to 6pm at the Olympic Community Centre, 2304 Hunter Street (at the corner of Hunter and Cunard).


 We're sticking with our new online application process.  Just email us at halifaxcrafters@gmail.com for the link to the application.

Be sure to check out this great article for tips on putting together a successful application.

Good Luck!!!


Meet the Sponsors: Dots And Loops

With only two more days left till the fair we wanted to let you get to know some of the people who have made the Crafters Winter Yule Tide Cheer a possibility with their amazing support.  One of the newest businesses in Nova Scotia's craft circuit is Dots and Loops located in the heart of beautiful Lununburg. Meet co-owner (and Halifax Crafters sponsor) Melanie Strong:

About Our Store:

We’re a handmade only / indie boutique located in Lunenburg. We’re pretty new on the scene – we just opened in August and we just had our grand opening. We carry designs from artists who call all parts of the world home, though we do carry many local crafters (many of whom will be represented at the Crafters Market!) and many other Canadian makers. We also have the US, the UK and even Australia, Greece and the Netherlands represented in shop. We try to connect and establish relationships with makers based on whether or not we love what they make, rather than where they live. We have a weakness for hand pulled screenprinting, so we are always adding to our print wall and our screen printed textile selection but you will also find pretty much every type of craft represented here (which is pretty easy, considering we have the work of over 120 different crafters in shop.)

Myself and my partner, Stephen Bishop, are the owners behind the shop. Stephen (also known by his studio alias of HelloDaylight) is a graphic designer by trade and a screenprinter by passion, so his contribution to our shop’s aesthetic has been huge. I have a varied background, with my most recent work being the Director of Operations for the Halifax based multidisciplinary design firm Breakhouse. So I handle most of the day-to-day parts of the business but I am also what I call a secret maker – I love using my hands but don’t make anything with commercial appeal. We decided to open the store because we both love anything made by hand and we really wanted to share this love with customers who may not realize that there is an alternative to mass-produced goods available to them. We decided to locate in Lunenburg because we both appreciate the slower pace of life that a more rural setting can provide (and we have 3 pet hens who aren’t allowed in Halifax city limits!). It’s been interesting so far, and we’ve had a great response from both locals and visitors to Lunenburg alike. We really see this small town as being in the midst of a revival of sorts and we’re really excited to be at the forefront.

Why We Wanted to be Involved in Crafters:

Stephen, through HelloDaylight, starting selling his screenprints through Crafters a few shows ago and I got to help out a couple of times. I’d been to Crafters many times before and always loved to see all of the beautiful work made by so many people. We also loved the feel of the Market itself and could see the work that goes into it. The Crafters Market is, in our opinion, the best thing of its kind in the Maritimes.

We realize that the number one way to support makers is to buy their work but, now that we own a store that helps do this as well, we also know that another way to help is to support the venues that give crafters an outlet to get their work out there. We know that the Halifax Crafters Society is run by volunteers, who are themselves crafters, so we know that there are likely many things the Society would love to do but don’t have the time or funds to see happen. We hope that by sponsoring Crafters, more and more businesses will jump onboard and help out and that Crafters will continue to grow and improve for many years to come.

Thanks so much Melanie! We're so excited for you and Stephen and want to congratulate you on opening your (and our newest) dream shop!

 If any readers out there haven't been in to Dots and Loops yet its more than worth the scenic drive.....though when did any one need an excuse to day trip to Lunenburg?  You can also follow Melanie and Stephen in their endeavor on the shop's Twitter and Facebook pages. 


Meet the Crafters: Alissa Kloet

Three more days! In case you were wondering, the Crafters are busy working overtime this week to get ready (many are even working other day jobs in addition to their crafting). Today we're going to meet Alissa Kloet. You've already seen her work - she's one of the artists behind this show's posters. But let's take a closer look at what she does. 

What do you make?
 I make textiles for the home and most recently started branching out into making wood trays.

What is your process? 
My process involves silk screening my own original designs onto fabric, and most recently wood. I also do work with stitch - like reverse applique and embroidery.

How long have you been a crafter? 
This will be my third year participating in the Christmas show here in Halifax. Before I moved to the east coast I was involved with the Maker's Market in Hamilton, Ontario.

What is your background/How did you get started?
I studied textiles for three years at Sheridan College. After receiving a diploma, I went on to complete a BFA in Interdisciplinery Studies at NSCAD. I've been selling my work since graduating from Sheridan in stores here in Halifax and some around the Toronto area.

Why do you do what you do?
I love seeing something that started out as an idea on paper become an actual thing. Being part of the process from start to finish is really important to me.

When you're not selling at Crafters markets, where can I find your work?
Currently in Halifax I sell through Seeds Gallery. Hopefully my products will pop up in some more stores around the city this coming spring.

What is your involvement in the show?
This is my first year being part of the team that gets the show up off it's feet. I also had the privilege of illustrating the poster this year.

Where do you do your work? 
I have a small space in my apartment where I do a lot of my sewing and designing. My boyfriend has also graciously given me studio space in his basement - that's where I do my printing.

What inspires you? 
I really like textiles from the mid-century and I can never get enough of Scandinavian design.

What kind of music do you listen to while you work? 
It changes depending on the pace I feel like I have to work at. My brother has been making me playlists on grooveshark.com and those have been keeping me going. I play his 90's hip hop playlist for when I really getting to work - it makes me feel tough...

Three things you need in order to create? 

I need my notebook - I like to start with small creative acts to give myself confidence, my Bernina sewing machine and some really great fabrics.

What's your favourite way to procrastinate? 

Right now, it's watching Arrest Development on Netflix...