Some tips on applying to Halifax Crafters

Hey Crafters!

I know we've had some bugs with the online application. It's our first time trying this, so there's a bit of a learning curve on our end. A few things that we find are helping with the application are:

  • If you do not have a website, just enter ours www.halifaxcrafters.ca
  • Make sure your photo sizes are not too big.
  • You must enter all fields in order to submit your application, be sure to do so.
  • If the address section doesn't work with your address, just spread it out as best you can.
And now for some tips on and info about the applications:

  • Clear photos! We can't stress this enough. Etsy has a great guide to taking photos. We're not asking you to have the world's best camera. We're just asking you to give us a clear shot of what it is you make. You want your photos to represent you when a room full of strangers is trying to figure out what's what. Make sure they're clear, in focus, and not surrounded by clutter (a messy desk, your pet, your kid - unless they're demonstrating how to use the item, they shouldn't be in the photo)

  • Clear & simple descriptions. What do you make? How do you make it? Keep this as simple as possible. If we're not familiar with your work, this is all we have to go by.

  • Cheques only, please: We don't take cash because there's no accounting for it. And it's hard for us to return it if you're not accepted. The same goes for money orders - they're the same as cash. Cheques are easy for us to track as we cash them and easy for us to destroy if we're unable to accept your application (they hit the shredder - for your security). We recommend putting your business name in the memo section of the cheque.

  • Tables: There aren't enough 8ft tables for everyone. This sucks. We really wish there were, but we're limited to what's available at the Olympic Centre. That's why we ask if you have your own table, please bring it along. So if you have one and have the means to transport it to the show, that'd be awesome.

  • Special requests: Electricity is something that's in short supply - there's no way everyone can get access to the outlets. If you request electricity, our floor planners will do everything they can to make sure you get it - but we can't promise you will. In some cases, they can only get you near-ish to an outlet. Plan for this and bring an extension cord (we don't provide these). If the request is to be in a certain area or near a friend, we'll take it into consideration, but we can't make promises.

  • Can I apply with a friend to save money on a table? Yes and no. You can apply as a pair or collective, but only if it makes sense that your work is together. The floor plan is based on what you make. So, if you make cupcakes and your friend makes jewelery, well, your work isn't really cohesive and probably shouldn't be on the same table (unless, maybe, your friend makes cupcake jewelery).
We hope this helps! And we're looking forward to seeing all the applications.


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