Meet the Crafters: Alissa Kloet

Three more days! In case you were wondering, the Crafters are busy working overtime this week to get ready (many are even working other day jobs in addition to their crafting). Today we're going to meet Alissa Kloet. You've already seen her work - she's one of the artists behind this show's posters. But let's take a closer look at what she does. 

What do you make?
 I make textiles for the home and most recently started branching out into making wood trays.

What is your process? 
My process involves silk screening my own original designs onto fabric, and most recently wood. I also do work with stitch - like reverse applique and embroidery.

How long have you been a crafter? 
This will be my third year participating in the Christmas show here in Halifax. Before I moved to the east coast I was involved with the Maker's Market in Hamilton, Ontario.

What is your background/How did you get started?
I studied textiles for three years at Sheridan College. After receiving a diploma, I went on to complete a BFA in Interdisciplinery Studies at NSCAD. I've been selling my work since graduating from Sheridan in stores here in Halifax and some around the Toronto area.

Why do you do what you do?
I love seeing something that started out as an idea on paper become an actual thing. Being part of the process from start to finish is really important to me.

When you're not selling at Crafters markets, where can I find your work?
Currently in Halifax I sell through Seeds Gallery. Hopefully my products will pop up in some more stores around the city this coming spring.

What is your involvement in the show?
This is my first year being part of the team that gets the show up off it's feet. I also had the privilege of illustrating the poster this year.

Where do you do your work? 
I have a small space in my apartment where I do a lot of my sewing and designing. My boyfriend has also graciously given me studio space in his basement - that's where I do my printing.

What inspires you? 
I really like textiles from the mid-century and I can never get enough of Scandinavian design.

What kind of music do you listen to while you work? 
It changes depending on the pace I feel like I have to work at. My brother has been making me playlists on grooveshark.com and those have been keeping me going. I play his 90's hip hop playlist for when I really getting to work - it makes me feel tough...

Three things you need in order to create? 

I need my notebook - I like to start with small creative acts to give myself confidence, my Bernina sewing machine and some really great fabrics.

What's your favourite way to procrastinate? 

Right now, it's watching Arrest Development on Netflix...


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