Meet the Crafters: Lyndsay Hubley

Meet Lyndsay of LouLouBell:

What do you make?

LouLouBell sews handmade clutches, bags, pouches and cases. We also do hairpins and accessories and custom bridal work.

What is your process?

The flower blossoms which embellish many of my pieces are made out of a combination of organza, chiffon, satins and other fabrics and have become a bit of a signature for LouLouBell work. They are created by cutting the fabric into petals, singing them on a flame which makes them crinkle and give them each their unique shape. They are then layered and hand sewn
together and topped with glass and seed beads.

How long have you been a crafter?

I grew up watching generations of women in my family sewing, knitting, embroidering and crocheting. Besides a couple home-ec classes in school, I never did any serious sewing. In 2006 I bought a machine and began to teach myself. It had been a hobby for me until 2009 when I had my first child and decided to leave a full time job to stay home with him and try and grow my hobby into a business.

Why do you do what you do?

I do what I do because it got to the point that I would be daydreaming about creating while trying to pay attention to 'real life' and laying awake at night sewing seams in my head, dreaming up new pieces to try. And creating makes me happy.

When you're not selling at Crafters markets, where can I find your work?

Boutique Joliette in downtown Halifax carries many new pieces, from headbands and hairpins to formal clutches. I also have two online shops at louloubell.etsy.com and louloubellbaby.etsy.com. You can also find me at the following places:

How long have you been involved with Halifax Crafters?

My first show with the Halifax Crafters was Christmas 2009 and it was so much fun! What a great group of folks and talent! Plus I got all my christmas shopping done in one place that weekend :) It continues to be my favorite place for finding gifts.

What makes Halifax Crafters different from other shows?

I think Halifax Crafters markets are different from other shows because you can feel the energy, from the crafters and creators themselves, and from the visitors who come through the market there, it's energizing. I always leave with a renewed sense of community. It's so nice to see folks coming out to support small business and local artists.

What are you excited about seeing at the spring market?

I'm especially excited this year for cupcakes from Gateaux Rose - YUM!

Searching out some one of a kind coffee mugs, new vendors, and new work from returning members. It's always nice to see what everyone's been busy with...

Where do you do your work?

I work from my home studio, in Upper Tantallon, not far from the Peggy's Cove Road.

Three things you need in order to create?

1. Peppermint tea
2. A headband
3. Good lighting (sunlight preferred)

A favourite quote?

In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.
~ Albert Schweitzer

What's your favourite way to procrastinate?

Fabric shopping! (Which I suppose I need to do anyways for my craft, but I could probably do this 99% of the time, but then I wouldn't get much sewing done) I love to see what new collections and colors my favorite fabric designers are coming out with next!


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